What to Expect At Pemarro Recovery

We are located in the tranquil foothills of Ramona, California on 12 acres of land. ​​Our rooms offer a quiet and serene place to rest and get better. We have three shared rooms that are socially distanced. ​We also have a pool and many places to sit and relax. During your first few days you will receive supportive care as you go through the detox process and regain strength and health. After feeling better we provide several groups, activities, and an individual or case management session daily. Pemarro provides a combination of home-cooked meals and fresh, local food to nourish you.
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What to Bring to Treatment

Our Method

Items NOT to Bring

Any valuable items should be left at home. While we can secure some of your personal belongings that you will not need in treatment, our storage space is limited.
Your personal property will be searched upon arrival, and anything that falls outside of the items mentioned here will be confiscated for the duration of your stay in treatment at Pemarro Recovery Center.
If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to your arrival for your detox treatment.