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Pemarro Recovery Detox Center San Diego Services

Detoxification, Stabilization, Treatment, and Recovery

At Pemarro, we provide cost effective, sub-acute medically managed detoxification services and residential treatment in a peaceful and natural setting to those suffering from substance use concerns.

We utilize evidence-based treatment methods and medical management to safely detox and stabilize each individual. Let us help guide you through the process with our trained staff of healthcare professionals and certified counselors.

Our short-term residential detoxification and treatment services typically range from 14-21 days based on individual needs.

Individualized care

Identifying the different needs of each individual

Each individual seeking detoxification services will receive an initial assessment by a licensed medical provider. This is to ensure that Pemarro is able to provide the appropriate detoxification services in a non-medical setting. This assessment will also assist in creating an individual treatment plan to ensure that there is a continuum of care upon completion of detoxification at Pemarro.
Our team of licensed or certified counseling professionals takes a comprehensive approach to identifying the different needs of each individual.
We strive to provide dignity and respect during all interactions. All individuals seeking services will be screened for admission regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or physical disability. We will assist in the aftercare planning to physically and mentally prepare each individual for a stress-free transition to inpatient, outpatient or residential care and healthy transition homes.

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Your Treatment Begins Here

In order to ensure the highest likelihood of success in this critical first stage of the recovery process, Pemarro employs a multidisciplinary approach including the following: