A Special Kind of Treatment ​in a Kind and Special Place

Pemarro is a short-term 14-21 day treatment program focused on detox, stabilization, relapse prevention, and comprehensive discharge planning. 

Our Mission

To provide compassionate, individualized, and effective treatment services including detox, stabilization, and residential treatment in order to help our clients live value-driven and fulfilling lives free from addiction.

Pemarro is a non-profit organization that provides cost effective, sub-acute, medically managed detoxification and treatment services in a peaceful and natural setting to those suffering from substance use disorders and mental health concerns.

We utilize evidence-based treatment methods and medical management to safely detox and stabilize each individual. Let us help guide you through the process with our trained mental health and healthcare professionals.

Our short-term residential detoxification and treatment services typically range from 14-21 days based on individual needs. We are client-centered and trauma-informed. We focus on a safe detox, building and maintaining motivation, relapse prevention, and getting you to your next level of care with a comprehensive discharge plan.

In May 2020, Pemarro Recovery Center became a part of the Stepping Stone family of services in an effort to strengthen and grow Pemarro’s life-saving programs. We are excited about the future of this partnership!

Our Services

Your Treatment Begins Here

In order to ensure the highest likelihood of success in this critical first stage of the recovery process, Pemarro employs a multidisciplinary approach including the following:

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Pemarro offers the expert care you need in the welcoming environment you deserve.

You Are In Good Company